About Me

Research Scientist, specialized in Machine Learning for Brain-Computer Interfaces & Neuroscience.

I am an Electrical Engineer turned Signal Processing PhD turned Data Scientist.

Things I Do

How do I spend my days ?

A Few Accomplishments

Personal projects and Profesional accomplishments, here are a few things of which I am proud.

Brain Computer interfaces

I have built several Brain-computer interfaces, based on motor imagery or P300 evoked potential, for video games and assistive communication. My mission is to suppress BCI calibration by mean of online adaptation and transfer learning.

Data challenges

I have won 6 international Brain signal analysis competitions. This was possible thanks to my work on Riemannian Geometry.


I am the creator and maintainer of the python toolbox pyRiemann: an Open-Source toolbox for classification and manipulation of covariance matrices through Riemannian Geometry.

EEG Hardware

I have developed my own 24-channel Wireless Dry EEG headset from scratch. My mission is to bring a low-cost, Open Hardware, Research-grade EEG to the masses.