I recently took part in two international EEG/MEG signal classification challenges hosted on the kaggle platform. The first one was the DecMeg2014 organized by the NeuroInformatics Lab, (Fondazione Bruno Kessler and Università di Trento, IT) for the BioMag 2014 conference. The second one was the BCI challenge 2015 organized by the INRIA and INSERM for the NER 2015 conference. […]

New papers

2 new papers are available. The first is an extended version of the ESANN communication for the journal NeuroComputing. This article introduces a kernel for covariance matrices. Beside a deeper theoritical analysis, the choise of the reference point for the tangent space is studied in details and we show how to deal with inter-sessions variability by […]


I’m proud to announce our new software release : Openvibe-plugin-gipsa: a set of Openvibe boxes developed in our lab. Including, among other things, a very cool box for online artifacts detection: the Riemannian Potato. P300Scenarios: a set of Openvibe scenarios for P300 paradigms. Brain-Invaders: a pure-BCI video game based on the well known vintage video game Space Invaders. In addition, […]