Research grade EEG, Open and Affordable

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This project aims at providing a low cost solution for research grade Dry EEG recording. It is the result of a two-year devellopment effort and offers the first complete and open solution for EEG recording to researchers and entousiasts.

This project propose a solution for the EEG amplifier, the cap and the electrodes. It is optimized for demanding applications where signal quality is not an option, such as Brain Computer Interfaces or Neuroscience Research.


EEG Amplifier

24 channels @ 1kHz. Wifi and USB.

This EEG amplifier has beed carefully designed to get an optimal signal quality with dry EEG electrodes. Its 10 TOhm input impedance and low input noise allows to pick extremely weak signals.

1kHz default sampling frequency and Wifi (or USB) data streaming for a high temporal resolution and precise event tagging.



3D printed Dry EEG electrodes

3D printed with Graphene filled PLA filament and coated with silver Ink.

The shape is optimized for confort and trough hair recording. This electrode is inexpensive and offers signal quality that pairs with comercial EEG electrodes.



Shielded neoprene cap with standardized electrodes position

The cap is made of a soft and stretchable Neoprene fabric, and is shielded with a layer of conductive fabric that allows interference reduction up to 40 dB.

Available in two size (Medium and Large) with 24 standardized electrodes position and integrated Ground and Reference.


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